We live in the time of opportunity! – A journey into The Venus Project # 1


We live in the time of opportunity

Guest post by: Ronni Jensen
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Few things in the world can change your outlook on life as astronomy.

It is perhaps the most seminal, most humiliating and one of the most character-building parts of nature that you can spend time on.


Because, whichever way you twist and turn an image of the Earth standing against the universe’s gigantic darkness, you suddenly realize that what you are looking at is everything you know.

That simple image represents all human history experienced by all people throughout the ages. Everyone you know lives there; all heroes; all sinners; all parents and children; all corrupt politicians; all kings; all tyrants and all those who have ever been in love; all the animals and all plants; all superstars – everyone you have ever heard of, lived on this planet – encapsulated in one image.

I feel joy spread throughout my body – I feel at one with the earth. I am a part of the planet – I belong. Everything on earth is one family – all the way down to the molecular structure that binds everything together and down to the crude energy that creates atoms.

The sense of feeling small cannot be justified when the answer to what we are, is right in front of us: we are the universe! For me this means immediately feeling like a huge being. At the same time, I feel attached to everything. There is no longer a distance between objects when you know that they are one – after all, we are one. We are it. We are the universe itself.

As Carl Sagan said it: We are the universe’s way to know itself.

That is how I started my redefinition of myself and what I really am…

Gaining perspective: 

Carl Sagan set me free with his words about Earth’s role in the universe.
After the Internet had made the world so small, he made the universe infinitely big, by saying a few words.
He put things in perspective for me and opened a door to my nature that I never knew existed.

This was in 2011 – when I felt in despair due to the Earth’s course towards an unstable environment; and I was trying to find meaning in life and figure out what I could do about the situation.

I had just graduated from D.T.U. (the Technical University of Denmark) as a civil engineer and had found a job after having been unemployed for six months.
I felt that I had the time and energy to look at what I could be doing to change the situation the Earth was in – and is still in to this day.

Follow the money: 

After a while, it slowly dawned on me that most of the problems I saw could be traced back to money.
Politicians talk constantly about it.
You cannot live in a country without money and you pay, in principle, to be alive and to be a member of what we call society.

Without money, citizens in the community do not get the goods they need to keep living.

We pollute in the name of creating more money.
Money creates social tension between people.
You can buy positions with money, and not least, there is a tendency to believe that money grants freedom.

After working in the construction industry for a while, I discovered the extent to which greed for money pervades all transactions in the industry.
There must be money to build – even if the materials are available!
Many are trying to deny responsibilities; accusing lack of insurance or other legal reasons, in order to save money.
There is a general attitude of doing as little as possible, for as much money as possible.
You are forced to bid low on the projects to get a job at all.

The system is, in other words, so complex that people no longer see themselves obliged to do anything without getting paid for it – just because everyone is so dependent on money.

Therefore, it is understandable that people just play by the rules of society.
It may even be necessary, in order to keep your job, to be greedy on the company’s behalf (as it may be the only thing that keeps the company from bankruptcy).

Cosmos and Chaos:

The world is a cruel and beautiful place when you open your eyes for the first time and see what is happening.

Luckily, we still have natural landscapes (those that remain); we have a unity that breaks down geographical boundaries thanks to the Internet; and the ability to create new – a creativity which cavemen would have considered pure magic.

We live in time of opportunity!

However, we (as a collective species) have started a mass extinction of our environment.
We go to war – seemingly having learned nothing from our past.
We are in debt to our ears in a system we have created.

All the while, all I see, is that we continue heading towards the abyss as if nothing has happened and for me it doesn’t look as though the leaders we have chosen, has any idea of ​​the direction they want Earth’s population to move in.

It all seems very chaotic and incredibly daunting. You can get an overwhelming urge to look the other way and lean on the excuse that one person cannot make a difference.

Amid the confusion, I felt when I opened my eyes to the world and the state it is in, I found a documentary called “Zeitgeist: Moving Forward”.

In it, a way to look at economics and human behavior is considered and the documentary gives an idea of ​​how we can solve the social problems we have on Earth – in the form of The Venus Project (TVP).

I immediately got on TVP’s website, and watched every movie I could about the project and its creator Jacque Fresco.

What I found was a new way to see the Earth and our society – as well as how such a society could work for all people.

TVP offers a holistic approach to the problems we face, and advocates that everyone on earth should have their basic needs met – regardless of who you are and where you come from.

A journey into The Venus Project: 

This blog series is going to be about The Venus Project and here I will try to describe what the project can offer to the world, through a change in the structure of our society where everyone is valued.

It is going to be about:

  • Intelligently handling goods…
  • Automation of jobs…
  • The environment…
  • Economy on several levels…
  • Our development as human beings…
  • What kind of future we want for ourselves and our descendants…
  • Self-development and education…
  • Human behavior…
  • Self-awareness…
  • Science…
  • Concepts like utopia, politics, society, equality and more…

Next time, I will give an intro to TVP, a description of the founder Jacque Fresco, his ideas, and his vision for the future.


– Ronni Jensen

Ronni Jensen

4 thoughts on “We live in the time of opportunity! – A journey into The Venus Project # 1”

  • I had fun reading this post. I will most likely read any new ones you write and post.

    It’s mostly interesting to know what people are thinking about TVP and in what manner they convey questions to challenge the ideas put forth by Jacque.

    • @Liu K.

      Thank you very much Liu
      I’m glad you liked it, and happy to hear that you are going to fallow the blog. Yes one has to have an open mind but also challenge what he puts forward to see if it has meaning to one self.

  • This was beautifully written, thank you for sharing it. I can hardly wait to see what else you have written.

    • My husband says:
      “Thank you very much! I look forward to writing more. Hope you will enjoy future pieces as well. Ronni.”

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