Lotus Cosmetics Seduction eye shadow palette (Make-up review)


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The Lotus Cosmetic Seduction eye shadow palette is one of the five palettes – each of which comes with four pressed natural mineral eye shadows and a mirror in a compact case.
The case is sleek and simple with a mirror effect and the brand name on top.
The palette does not come with an applicator.


The case has a kind of snap closure and the top is hinged, allowing you to angle the mirror however you need it.
Many times palettes does not come with a hinged top which means that the mirror falls flat unless you hold it up or tilt it up against something.
A design that allows you to actually use the palette mirror, like this one, is much appreciated. 🙂
I find the packaging really nice and appealing.

The palette comes with four eye shadows in rouge and purple tones. They are organized light to dark. All four shadows has a bit of a shimmer to them – the pink shadow definitely has the most.



Lotus Cosmetics describes the shadows as a soft, creamy formulation of pure pigments with photonic technology makes it easy to go from subtle to dramatic shades that last all day.
The shades are nice though the payoff in the swatches are not too impressive compared to conventional make-up.

I find that in order to create a nice look, I need to wear some sort of a base underneath to make the shadows last.
I will also note that the colors on the website does not match the actual colors in the palette – I thought I was getting less rouge/purple and more brown toned shades when I bought this.
However I have become really happy with these colors too – maybe because the colors fade a fair amount when applied (?)

The palettes retails at $20.00 each, which I think is not too bad as you are getting four nice shades, and with a base underneath you can create some really nice looks.

You can get a “4 shadow”- eye shadow palette from GOSH at around $17.00, while you can buy one from MAC at around $46.00.
So compared to those I would say that the price on the Lotus Cosmetics Seduction palette is a good price in the lower end.


This palette and the four other palettes are available on Lotus Cosmetics website now, and can also be found in stores
(In Denmark, Helsemin carries the brand.)


Thank you for reading along.
Feel free and welcome to comment down below  – Let me know if you have tried this product or have any recommendations for a natural make-up product I should try out.

Love <3 


This post does not contain affiliate links!

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