Revamping Essential Take On Life

Dear reader

I am sitting down today to write this message to you, after a very long break from Essential Take On Life.
I feel a little rusty and I also want to explain to you why it has been a full year since you heard from me last.

But all that will have to wait a bit (I will take time to write the story next week 🙂 ) because I have some other news to share with you first.

I have changed:

During the year I have been away from Essential Take On Life, I have learned so, so much and I have evolved – as people do through hardship.

The image I created this blog and website in way back when, no longer resonates with me on a personal level.
And so I have decided to revamp Essential Take On Life – you know, give it a full make-over.
The message and the topics I write about will stay much the same – but the wrapping will be different. 🙂

I have given it a lot (A LOT) of thought and I think I have come up with a great look and feel for the site – so now I just need to carry it out.

And that brings me to…

…the plan:

During the next 2 weeks I will tweak, revamp and reinstall different parts of Essential Take On Life.

For you that means that the blog might be down for a few days…
I will do all that I can to avoid or at least minimize this… but to be honest I don’t know how much I will have to change. Sometimes the creative process takes over, you know. 😉

I hope you will be patient with me.
In the end, you will getting a better page to visit and a happier AK – meaning more activity and better blogs 😀
I hope that counts as a win!

Also – instagram:

I have changed my instagram account!
You can find me under the name @essentialtakeonlife now.

I did this, because the account I was using before actually was my private instagram.
When I created Essential Take On Life it was not easy to have more than one instagram account – you had to log in and out all the time, to change between the different profiles.
Knowing myself and my level of patience with that kind of stuff, I knew that was never going to work for me. So I morphed my private account into the official account for Essential Take On Life.

Now it is a piece of cake to have several profiles, however!
And so I thought the time had come for a change and some more clarity about what I am posting where.
I thought it would go well with all of this revamping/rebranding stuff. 🙂

All in all – new times are here. This will be a transition phase and I will do my best to keep it short and sweet. 😉

Next week I will give you a little insight as to what happened to me that made me take a yearlong break from blogging.
Know that I have missed you all very much during that time – and I am so happy to finally be back. <3

Sending you lots of love 

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