Nilens Jord Eye Shadow Symphony palette (Make-up review)

review - nilens jord

The Nilens Jord Eye Shadow Symphony palette is a beautiful palette with 8 different shades ranging from the bright natural tones to the deep and intense dark colors – all without parabens and perfume.

The case is sleek and simple in a black design with the brand name in a copper toned metallic writing.

The case has a magnetic closure and inside the lid the palette has a mirror.
However the lid isn’t hinged, so it is not possible to angle the mirror however you might need it – unless you lean it up against something. A minor design flaw that can be a bit annoying when you are on the go…

The palette comes with a double-sided eye shadow applicator, with a sponge applicator in one end and a brush in the other.

All in all, I find the packaging really nice and appealing. It really is a beautiful palette – but I would wish the lid had been hinged.

nilens jord unwrap

The palette includes 8 eye shadows in natural tones, ranging from bright to deep and intense tones.

applicator and shadesdark brown

creme brown

creme highlight

dusty beige

creme cobber

bright highlight

dusty brown

smokey black


All of the colors are really easy to intensify, blend and tone.
The shades all have a high concentration of color pigments which really showed in the swatches.

Creating a nice look with these eye shadows that lasts all day is no problem. I find that I don’t need to wear a base underneath if I don’t feel like it. The quality of the colors are very much like the conventional eye shadows – Nilens Jord just doesn’t use parabens and perfume in their products.

The palette retails at 40.00 EUR – the equivalent of $ 48.7 USD or 298.00 DKR  (today – 29.12.14)

All in all, the Nilens Jord Eye Shadow Symphony is a really nice palette and I definitely recommend it!


Nilens Jord is a Danish company, famous for making beauty products that does not contain parabens and perfume.
If you live in Denmark you can buy the palette in Matas, on the Matas website, or on Nilens Jord’s website.
If you don’t live in Denmark you can also find the palette at the English version of Nilens Jord’s website.


Thank you for reading along.

Feel free and welcome to comment down below  – Let me know if you have tried this product or have any recommendations for a natural make-up product I should try out.

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