My health – My responsibility!

I few weeks ago I went to the hospital here in Copenhagen, thinking that they were taking over my case and therefore needed me to come in for one of my regular check-ups.. I was a bit surprised at what happened. But it made me realize something very important about my own life.

A little background history: 

I have been going to the doctors with my condition for many, many years now. I believe I was around 9 or 10 the first time I mentioned some of my symptoms to a health nurse at school.
Up until 9 months ago I didn’t have an official diagnosis. I myself was pretty sure, but a lot of things were still being ruled out.

I got diagnosed with PCOS and I tell you – it was so good to finally know!!!
I have been during research on PCOS for years now because I was so sure I had it.
Anyways – finally knowing, for sure, was the best thing in the world.

Many of the doctors I had been to, before being diagnosed with PCOS, had just told me to get over myself.
They told me that nothing was wrong and that the abnormalities would eventually go away…

The more “candid” (read: rude and ignorant) ones told me that I was just fat and needed to eat much more healthy.
(I want to note here that I have always eaten healthy and reasonably – I have my mom to thank for that!).

So maybe you can imagine the relief I felt when I finally heard the words “You were right all along – something is out of balance.. You have PCOS”!

It sounds funny to say that getting a diagnosed “chronic” illness would be a relief – but I would take knowing what I am dealing with any day over the hell it was being told off for so many years.

Moving to Copenhagen: 

I moved to Copenhagen about a year and a half ago now.
I moved here to move in with my boyfriend (now fiance).

The first year I was still commuting back and forth between Copenhagen and Odense, were I was attending the University of Southern Denmark.
Given that I was traveling back and forth anyway I felt that moving the process of getting a diagnosis to Copenhagen would be silly. I really did not feel like starting all over again, again, again with a new set of doctors.

However, when I finished my Bachelor’s degree it made sense to move both my studies and my treatment to Copenhagen so I didn’t have to do the long daily commute any more.

Due to long waiting lists, I had my first appointment in Copenhagen just 3 weeks ago… And it was quite the experience!

Say NO to hormone treatments – say NO to help:

I got to my appointment – after having waited more than an hour in the waiting room due to delays – and the first thing they asked me was
“Why are you here – does your tummy hurt?”

Being a bit thrown off by this question in the gynaecology wing, I told them why I was there – to start treatment for my PCOS, specifically the symptoms that cause me physical and psychological pain in my everyday life…

They the asked if I wanted birth control or a hormone spiral?

Just that.. Those were my options…

I told them that I had tried both and that both treatments made me feel really sick and only seemed to make matters worse. Of course I therefore had no plans to be getting back on either treatment.

I am of the conviction that when your hormones are out of balance, throwing a bunch of artificial hormones into the mix is not the best way to go…

This line of thought have made sense to me always, but I allowed myself to try the two treatment methods because I was getting desperate for help and because, I felt that if anyone would know better than me it would be the doctors.
But I hated it!

The side effects proved to be worse that my PCOS in the end – mostly because they did not remove or cure my PCOS but merely added on the side effects to the PCOS symptoms I was dealing with.

In my “No thank you” I added a “but I would  like some help with a more natural treatment in terms of diet, supplements and routine check-ups to make sure I don’t get another growth in my uterus”…

All in all I was my usual nice, open-minded and curious.

Having spent almost 8 years reading up on PCOS and the natural treatments available, I had some really specific questions I would have liked to get some help with.. It would be nice to have someone with a medical degree helping me figure out what could work and what is more likely to be a recipe for expensive pee…

But the answer I got really shook me…
I was told that if I wanted neither treatment – birth control or a hormone spiral – then I did not belong there, in the clinic, and that they had nothing they could do to help me.

And then the doctor just added “Oh yeah – and don’t wait more than a year or two before you have a baby… By 35 you probably won’t get one… Goodbye!”

I honestly left in a state of shock!

“Like a lamb being turned away at the lions cave” 

I called my mom afterwards….

As I told her what had happened I felt myself get more and more angry at what the doctor had said.

She had no knowledge of my life – she didn’t know that I am in a healthy and great relationship with a guy that would like kids, or that we have been talking about trying to get pregnant in a year or two…
For all she knew I could have been single and desperately wanting a family….

She could have made me really, really freak out if I hadn’t been in the place in life that I am…
She had no clue who she was talking with and she could have done some serious damage…

My mom listened and then gave me the insight I needed to get on with my life…  (Moms are great at that!)

She compared it all to a lamb being turned away at the lions cave… (Must be a cave lion…)
Maybe the lamb feels rejected and hurt at being turned away, but knowing what would have happened in the cave to the lamb, onlookers can tell that the rejection was probably the best thing that could happen to the lamb.

Taking my health in to my own hands: 

I see now that it is for the best. I have been dealing with this myself all along.

The difference is that for the past 8 years I wanted the healthcare system and the doctors to take over for me and be responsible for my health and for making me feel better… Whereas now, I understand that while they can help me and be a support, I am the one responsible for my health and for making myself feel better.

And I am okay with that now.

I have been treating my PCOS myself for a while now..

Looking forward…:

It is almost 3 months since I had the hormone spiral taken out.
It was a big decision for me, but I know it was the right one and I have been feeling so so much better since then.

My mood swings are less crazy… (Thank goodness!)
I have started taking supplements and I stick to my diet.

I no longer feel sorry for myself when I cannot eat the same things others can/do.
I have made the commitment to myself and my body, and everything I eat is part of my treatment.
When I once in a while eat something that is outside of my diet, I enjoy it in the moment and then I go back to my lifestyle and diet.

I threw out/gave away my conventional make-up and beauty products. They have all been replaced with natural alternatives that does not mess up my hormonal balance.
The same goes for my entire home and all of my routines – I have begun a larger detox of my life, not just my diet.

Changing everything in my home to more natural products is a slow process for me. But when I buy something new, I make sure that it fits into my new lifestyle. (Doing this while having roommates is not easy – but I am doing the best I can and, luckily, Ronni is helping me!)

I have gotten rid of the daily pain I was suffering from, which my doctor could not explain and called chronic.

I no longer suffer as much from migraines as I did before.
I lose much less hair and have actually started loosing weight – something that was next to impossible before.

My hirsutism have stopped getting worse and slowed down. It is still there, but it was accelerating before and that really freaked me out.

I am going to keep on reading about PCOS in the future..
I want to know as much as possible about it. I want to know what I can do in my everyday life to help myself.
I like to read up on the newest research and stay informed.

I will keep on going to get check ups and ultrasounds of my uterus.
Should I get another growth in my uterus I want to know it – I don’t want to have it for 4 years before it is found like the last one.

But in the end…. My health – My responsibility!
And I am taking it very serious.


Thank you so much for reading along.
Feel free and welcome to comment down below – I love hearing from you <3
Where ever you are; who ever you are – I send you my love.

AK <3 


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