Green thinking – Red flow. Part 1: Awakening


We live in a world with a million products to choose from – many of which are made with ingredients we do not know what are, and which have never been tested for potential harming effects on neither humans nor the environment!

More and more women suffer from hormonal imbalances and other “lifestyle” illnesses. And people ask themselves why?
PCOS and endometriosis are becoming more and more common.

Some find the cure to their problems in hormonal treatments or other medicines; others in lifestyle changes.
I became curious as to the cause…
Well, actually it started out with me wanting to write a series of posts raising awareness to the environmental burden of disposable conventional menstrual products… But what I found made my mind boggle and changed my focus.

This 3 part series is my research on menstrual products – the disposable and the reusable ones – and the effect they have on the human body.

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This post series is about menstrual periods and products.

In order to write something meaningful about this topic I felt like I needed to do a great amount of research – testing things I thought I knew and getting some new knowledge along the way.

Originally I wanted to just make one long post about this – but I tried and it is just too long! Nobody wants to read a post that just goes on and on like that. So it became a series instead. I am planning on making 3 posts in total.

In this first post I am going to share with you the background for this series of “Green thinking – Red flow” posts.
What this really boils down to is “knowledge” and whether or not you are awakening to the truth…

I knew half of the truth but chose to close my eyes to the rest – I am ashamed to admit it but there it is…

Out of convenience and habit I ignored what I knew to be true for a long time and I hurt myself in doing so.

This is my awakening and I hope that you will read along as well and help make a difference by doing so – for you; for me; for us all really!

Small facts with big implication: 

In Denmark (a small country in Scandinavia with around 5 million inhabitants) 1 million tampons/pads are used every day!
That is a whooping 365.000.000 every year!!!

Every single one of these tampons and pads are wrapped in some kind of plastic packaging.
And everything – the pad, the tampon and the wrapping – it all ends up as trash! Many women even throw the used tampon in the toilet when they are changing them – I myself used to do that, out of pure convenience.

Studies have shown that a tampon takes 50-100 years to decompose, while a pad takes at least 150 years!!!
Just think of that for a while!

Reading labels: 

Tampons and pads are treated with several chemicals before they are transported to the store (in a big truck, using diesel most likely).

Earlier all tampons and pads were made from cotton – organic or not… However today that is not the case.
Often they are made from viscose, polyacrylate, polypropylene, chlorine bleached cellulose and rayon fibers… And that is just what we know…

In most countries – including e.g. Denmark and the US – it is not even really clear what they are made off, because the companies making them do not have to disclose the ingredients due to the fact that tampons and pads are considered “medical devises”.

I seriously did not believe this fact when I read it – so I put on my shoes and practically ran down to the store to find out for myself.

I had some sort of idea along the line of “This is Denmark – a developed country where we put pride in demanding disclosure and knowledge… It must be different here!”

But no! On none of the packaging were there even the slightest hint of an explanation on what the tampons and pads were made of or treated with. (WTF!!!)
We put these things in close contact with our skin, some of it we even put inside us. And the skin and lining in and around the vagina is so sensitive!
How is it that I am being told to read labels on all my food to make healthy choices but I can’t get a straight answer to this!?

(Almost worst of all – the natural and non-chemical alternatives are more often than not, not available in the stores next to the conventional and toxic options! So making the healthy choice here becomes a question of spending extra time tracking them down…!)

It is estimated that the average woman, with a “normal” menstrual cycle and flow, will use around 16,800 tampons in her lifetime. And that is just tampons! Most women use countless pads in place or in addition to the tampons!

As some of you know (if you have been reading along on this blog for a while now) I have a long history of troublesome periods.
I have always had heavy periods and long periods at the same time.

I am not an “average” 5-day bleed’er! Or even the “heavy” 9-day bleed’er!
At its worst I had my period full on and heavy for 5 years with no breaks!

At this point in my life I used 3-4 tampons AT THE TIME + a maxi-pad or two. And I would need to change and replace it all every 30-60 minutes of the day!
I was polluting my body, the nature and my own finances during this time. BIG TIME!

(Luckily I was introduced to an alternative that I will talk more about in the following posts!)

However I did not fully stop using the disposable alternatives because they were familiar and therefore more “safe”… Until recently I still had a box full of conventional tampons and pads in my bathroom.

Now I know more – and so I decided that it was time to learn more about the chemicals that we DO know are in most of these products…

Read more in the following posts of the “Green thinking – Red flow” series… (Part 2 will be on the harm caused by chemicals in the conventional products)


As always – feel free to comment down below if you have any questions or comments on this topic. I love hearing from you!

Love <3


There are no affiliate links in this post. 

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