Going natural – the oil cleansing method

oil-cleansing-methodA clean and soft face with a glow and no pimples… I think that is something most of us would like.
As if it is not hard enough, PCOS and hormones flying around in the body makes it even harder to accomplish…
I think I have tried most treatments and I have tried not doing anything… Still no luck!
Until now! For the first time in my life I have found a way to rinse my face and apply moisture that works and that I like… It is not what you think, I bet!

Fight oily skin with… oil! 

Yes you read that heading right! I am telling you that I am treating my oily skin with oils and that it is working wonders!

I first read about it here. This was a post I found via Pinterest or Facebook (I cannot remember right now…) and it just caught my eye…

I have been using coconut oil in my beauty-routine for a while now and always known that many oils are great for the body and skin… Why I hadn’t connected the dots myself I don’t know..

Maybe because all the different remedies that are being sold in the drugstores seem to claim that removing the oil from the skin is the way to go – AND that seems so logical too.
I don’t want oily skin, so I remove the oils from my skin… See? Logic! But no – not for me.

I have hated it.  Hated having to rinse my face, because the feeling it left me with was not a nice and “cared for” feeling.
It always left the skin on my face feeling way too tight. So none of the claimed wonder products has ever become regular inhabitants of my bathroom…
I rinsed my face with all those things because of “this is what you are supposed to do”-thoughts, and I felt so wrong because they did not work for me the way they claimed.

I even had allergic reactions to some products… And that is just what you want as a teenager (or worse: an adult) – a face full of pimples and rashes, all red and irritated skin. YAY! (sarcasm was used here…)

In my attempt to eliminate unnatural chemicals and toxins from my life, this was a perfect thing to try out.

My routine:

So here is what I do.

  • I mix my oils in a small glass jar. My skin is oily some places and dry others – so I use 2 parts sweet almond oil (moisture) and 1 part grape seed oil (cleanse). (More on oils in a minute)
    I mix enough for several days just to make it easier. I keep it all in a small glass jar with a lid on it to keep dust and what not out.
    (Glass – not plastic which contains tons of hormone disruptive chemicals)
  • I put up my hair so it is out of the way
  • Dip my fingers in the oil mixture
    (You can also pour it into your palm – then you want a small pool of oil about the size of a dime)
  • Then I apply the oil to my entire face, in an even layer and with circular motions…
  • I rinse off my fingers and grab a clean wash cloth, which I then soak in as hot water as I can touch.
  • When the wash cloth is all soaked I wring it out and place it over my face so I can breathe through it.
    I keep it there until it gets cold, and then repeat this step 3 or 4 times.
    The heat from it will help the pores in the skin open and expel old oils and dirt. At the same time the skin will absorb the new oils!
  • Finally I use the wash cloth and warm water to remove the extra oil from my skin.
  • That is it – and it feels great.

Afterwards my skin is soft and smooth. YAY!!!

If my skin should feel slightly tight afterwards I dip one finger in the oil mix again, rub it on the palms of my hands and dab it on my face.

It works!

I usually have a few pimples at all times – especially on my cheeks and chin. Or on the side of my nose… -.-‘

And they will stay there for a loooong time. I am not one of those who (it I leave them be) will wake up the next day and find them greatly reduced. More often than not I get up and find that they are in the midst of conquering my face.

I have had 3 pimples after I started doing this. Not only were they gone the day after – for every facial rinse I did they became smaller and looked less irritated. I am so ridiculously happy about this.
It is just so much nicer to show up at law school, work, family greetings etc. and not look like a teenager!!!

Choice of oils

I am not an expert on this – I leave that to far more qualified people. But here is what they have taught me:

Always use organic oils and preferably oils that are in a glass bottle! (Avoid plastic – it is not healthy and it will cause hormonal imbalances in your body to say the least)

The most cleansing oil there is – regardless your skin type – is castor oil, as it is highly antibacterial in nature.
I however find that it is too drying and therefore it is not for me.

I have chosen to use almond oil (sweet), which  is moisturizing, and grape seed oil, which is cleansing.
You can use many other kinds of oil. I have read about people who use jojoba oil (all skin types, acne-prone skin), avocado oil (great for dry and aging skin), apricot kernel oil (for dry, aging and normal skin), sunflower oil, argan oil (great for aging skin, but expensive) and tamanu oil (all skin types, but expensive). Probably even others too.
Coconut oil is not recommended for this type of treatment as it can clog pores and increase blackheads.

What you want is one moisturizer oil and one cleanser oil. How you mix them depends on your skin type.
For me moisture is needed the most, and therefore I use a 2/1 ratio of the almond and grape seed oils.

If you want to you can add essential oils to the mix – that is totally your call!

Know that it can take a little while for your skin to adjust.
Mine was fine with this right away, but for some it might take some time and adjustment to the ratio of moisture- and cleansing oils…
Some might need to try out different kinds of oils to find the mix that is right for their skin!

I read a lot about all of this before I decided.
You can too here, herehere and here.


Have you tried the oil cleansing method? What is your favorite natural beauty advice?
I would love to hear from you, so please feel free to comment down below. <3



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