I do my best to respond to as many questions, comments, and emails as I can, as I love connecting with you guys!
However, unfortunately, there are times that I just can’t get to them all – so I made this FAQ page.

I do love reading all your questions and comments, and even if I can’t always answer directly, I hope you’ll keep them all coming.

In the meantime, here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions:


1. What is Essential Take On Life?

Essential Take On Life is a blog run and written by Ann Katrine Kristensen – aka AK.
Essential Take On Life features useful information, resources and tips relevant to green, frugal and creative living. The blog also has a section with information on PCOS, as well as a section on Downs Syndrome.

You can read more about what this blog is all about here.

2. Who is AK?

In short, AK is a Danish Law student, blogger and public speaker, embarking on a new life with her husband. She has a passion for creativity and organizing, and loves gardening.
She is a Downs Syndrome advocate; and she comes from a very large family.
AK has PCOS and this hormonal disorder has become a key factor in her life, driving her forward towards a more natural and healthy lifestyle.

You can read much more about her right here!

3. Is any of the PCOS or Down syndrome information on the blog given by educated medical experts?

NO! All the information on the blog regarding PCOS and Down syndrome (and all other information on the blog) is based on extensive, however personal, research on the topic.
AK is not educated in medicine and none of the tips, advice and information given here should be applied without consulting your doctor first.
Any information regarding the topic is merely given to serve as an inspiration to you – like, “what to ask your doctor when working out a diagnosis”.

4. Is the information I submit to this site confidential?

NO! Information you submit to this site as a comment, information you send in an e-mail to essentialtakeonlife[at]hotmail[dot]com, and information you post to any of the Essential Take On Life social media properties (including your interactions on or with the social media platforms) is PUBLIC.

 Please visit my Privacy Policy, my Disclosure, and my Disclaimers for more information.



Questions? E-mail me at essentialtakeonlife[at]hotmail[dot]com.