Full disclosure policy:


This is a Danish website. Danish jurisdiction applies.

This is a full explanation of how and when I am compensated on essentialtakeonlife.com

In order to keep all the content of my blog free but still be able to pay all the costs associated with running the blog, including hosting fees, blog design and more, there are many ways in which I am compensated.

To put it simply: I am not a full-time blogger – I am first and foremost a student.
Blogging is simply my passion and hobby that I get paid for doing.


My own beliefs

As a person and a blogger, my integrity is extremely important to me.
I will never promote something, if I don’t feel it is worth your time, energy, or money. Not even if I am offered compensation for that promotion.

If I tell you I like something, I mean it.

If I tell you I own something or bought something that is the truth.

I will never knowingly lie or mislead you just because it may make me money.



Essential Take On Life has not yet hosted any give-aways, but I wanted to disclose how that would work, should I ever gather the resources to do so.

Though I have not yet, perhaps in the future I may accept free items from marketers or companies.
I will most likely use those free items as contest prizes here on my blog or Facebook pages/other social media forums.

If it so happens that I keep one of those items for my own personal use, I will disclose that I received the item for free if it is discussed here on the site.

Should I tell you that I love something without disclosing that I received any benefit for writing about it, it is because I have not received any benefit from writing about it and because I really, truly love it.


Blog Posts that are ‘Underwritten’

There are not yet any underwritten posts on Essential Take On Life, but I wanted to disclose how it would work, should there ever be. 

In the future, companies may offer to underwrite a post in order to expose the Essential Take On Life audience to their brand.

Any such posts are solely written by me and will always be on a subject or topic selected by me, but agreed upon by the company I am working with.
These posts represent my own honest opinion and are not reviewed or edited by the company prior to publication.

Be assured that I will only work with companies whose values align with those represented on this blog, and I will only write content that I think would be of genuine interest to you, my readers.

Underwritten posts will always be clearly disclosed as such.

Questions? E-mail me at essentialtakeonlife[at]hotmail[dot]com.


Advertising Disclosure:

This site uses Google AdSense advertisements and affiliate links.

The Essential Take On Life website and its owner do NOT control the content of the advertisements or the conduct of the third parties whose advertising content is being served by Google.

If you click on an ad and are taken to a third party website, please check that site’s privacy policy if you want to learn how your personal information is used by that site, including whether that site is tracking your behavior or clicks and whether that site is using cookies or other persistent identifiers.

It is important for me to emphasize that I will never link to something just because it is an affiliate link.
In fact, most of the things/stores/places/websites etc. that I link to have no affiliate association attached. Should I use an affiliate link it will only be to something I like and/or use.

Just to be clear, clicking on an affiliate link and signing up for a service or ordering a product will be earning me a commission & helping me keep this blog going.

Questions? E-mail me at essentialtakeonlife[at]hotmail[dot]com.


Privacy Disclosure:


This site does NOT sell or give away your personal information, such as your name or e-mail address, that you provide in order to leave a comment on a post.

If you comment on a post, we do NOT use the personal information you submit to send you anything and we do NOT sell or give away that information.


Google Analytics & Jetpack WordPress Plugin

As is typical of many other blogs and websites, this site may passively collect your personal information, such as your country of access, time of access, accessed posts and pages, etc., through the use of Google Analytics and/or the Jetpack WordPress Plugin.

This site does NOT store the information collected by these programs in a separate database and it does NOT sell or give away this information. The information collected by these programs is NOT separately aggregated in any database with any personal information, such as your name, e-mail address, IP address, or specific location.


Google Ads & Sponsored Links

If you click on a third party advertisement (like an ad served by Google Ads) or an affiliate link on this site and are taken to a third party’s website, that third party site may track information regarding your visit or collect personal information that you submit.

Essential Take On Life does NOT have control over or knowledge of how or whether this occurs and you should read that site’s privacy policy if you want to learn about how your information may be used.


Expectation of privacy in information you submit in a comment or E-mail

The information you submit in a comment to a post or for a post topic suggestion for the site  is NOT private or confidential.  This information is PUBLIC!

If you discuss your personal situation(s) through use of this site, in an e-mail, or via any one of our social media properties, please be aware that your statements and the facts contained therein are PUBLIC.

Nothing you submit by posting a comment on an article/post or sending an e-mail to essentialtakeonlife[at]hotmail[dot]com is confidential or will be considered confidential by the Essential Take On Life website or its owner.
The same applies to your comments on any of the Essential Take On Life social media properties.

Everything you disclose in a comment on this site or on Essential Take On Life social media properties is PUBLIC.

Please do not disclose confidential information in your comments on a post or social media status update or posting, or in any e-mail that you send to essentialtakeonlife[at]hotmail[dot]com

Questions? E-mail me at essentialtakeonlife[at]hotmail[dot]com.