How I detoxed my beauty products

How I detoxed my beauty products to get rid of all the harmful chemicals.


I have been asked to do this post by a few readers now – so here it is: How I detoxed my beauty products:
I didn’t think too much about the chemicals hidden in my make-up until 2 years ago when my new boyfriend confronted me about it. That got me thinking… I then met a great woman who knew much more about it than me and what I learned scared me a bit!
So last year I detoxed my beauty products for the first time – and here is the result.

Hard to let go: 

I will have to admit that detoxing my beauty products was really hard for me.
Here I had all these products that I had spent hours upon hours with – picking them out, playing with them, getting ready for parties with my girlfriends, dressing up for Halloween or using them to feel better about myself when I was down.

I am one of those people who assign memories to objects – and believe you me when I tell you that that makes it really hard to get rid of stuff!
On top of that I have been raised to not just throw things out because something new comes along.

So I had make-up in my collection that I bought back when I was 15-16 years old – even though I have thrown out and given A LOT of stuff away over the years.

Looking at all my make-up and beauty products I remembered buying them.

The powder I bought before going to Canada as an exchange student when I was 16.
I asked the sales woman to find one that would last at least a year and would fit my skin tone both in the summer and winter so I only had to bring one.

The eye shadow I had gotten from my mom when she wanted a new one. I had spent so many days looking at her when she applied that eye shadow, admiring how beautiful she was! (AND IS!)

The Chanel eye shadows I had saved up money to buy for so long! Goodness, I worked hard to get that one.

And so – when I realized that I couldn’t get myself to use it any more knowing what is in it all, I faced having to say goodbye to it all. And I plainly admit – it was really hard!
(Yes I hear how spoiled that might sound! Just telling it as it is!)

I was – and am – done smearing hormone disruptive chemicals all over my face. Why make myself look all doll’ed up if it ultimately is making my PCOS worse?
And so I let go!

Before and after: 

I actually didn’t throw it all out or give it away just yet. I saved most of it in a bag on top of my closet – (It just felt wasteful to throw it out….) – and that came in handy for this post.

Because I wanted to show you a before & after photo of my beauty products so you can see that I didn’t just get rid of chemicals – I also got rid of a lot of clutter thanks to some natural products that can be used in several ways.

My before and after detox shot of my beauty products -

(You’ll have to excuse my laundry in the background and the whole set up… I need a photo box, really!)

The result: 

So what do I have left and what replaced what?
(All oils mentioned below are organic!)

Let’s start in the shower: 

  • Shampoo and conditioner/hair masks:
    Yup I had both before – in many different kinds.
    They are not even in the before photo. I also had hair masks and pretty much anything that promised me a healthy hair…
    Now I use the “Fairly Traded Honey” shampoo from lush, and then once a week I  use coconut oil as a hair mask. My hair is soft and thick and lush!!!
    I don’t suffer from the same amount of hair loss as before.
  • Body wash: 
    I had used a few different kinds – some liquid others in bars.
    Now I use the “It’s Raining Men” body wash from Lush.
    This is not something that changed too much for me – now I just know what I am lathering on my skin.
  • Shaving: 
    I used to use my conditioner, but since that is gone I use coconut oil (and make sure to REALLY clean up after me) or I use my body wash… I depends on how much time I have.

Body, mouth, nails and hair: 

  • Body Lotion:
    Before I had 5 different body lotions all promising me a youth full skin and to make my stretch marks go away.
    Now I use almond oil or coconut oil and my skin is softer than ever and my stretch marks smaller!
    (If I shave with coconut oil I don’t need to use any afterwards)
  • Perfume: 
    I had 12 different perfumes before – all with some sort of citrus or “fresh water” scent.
    Now I use a bit of peppermint essential oil on my wrists if I feel like it. It also serves as a “pick me upper” when I am tired in the mornings.
  • Deodorant: 
    It isn’t even in the before picture…. Hmm.
    Well I have always been very sensitive to deodorants and really only had 2-3 kinds I could use without breaking out.
    Now I use an organic deodorant with rosewater.
    However – after I detoxed all of these beauty products I find that my sweat doesn’t smell bad as often as before; so actually I now have days where I go without for the first time since I was 4 years old and started smelling like teenage sweat.
  • Nail polish: 
    I had 25 shades of nail polish before… I have none now.
    I have found some chemical free nail polishes though and some day I might try them.
    Not having any nail polish also mean that I don’t have a nail polish remover any more – or those wasteful cotton pads. All of that is gone!
  • Tooth paste: 
    I just used the one recommended by all the dentists on tv before…
    Now I either make my own with coconut oil and baking soda, or I use an organic fluoride free one.
  • Mouth wash: 
    I hated this step before – it always left me in tears because of the taste.
    I would use Listerine or Colgate.
    Now I use coconut oil and I love it! My teeth feel so smooth and clean and I don’t get a bad taste in my mouth during the day.
  • Hairspray, heat protection, “Leave in conditioner”: 
    I love doing my hair – and I wanted to take good care of it. So I used lots of products to protect my hair and lots of products to make it do what I wanted.
    I still do my hair – now I just let it air dry so heat protection is a thing of the past. I use a bit of almond oil to catch the “fly aways” – and it even adds a bit of moisture at the same time.
    For a messy look I use a saltwater spray I made myself.

The face:

  • Make-up remover:
    I had 2 different make-up removers before – wipes (not in photo) and liquid.
    Now I use coconut oil on a wash cloth. Works wonders and is less wasteful! (Here is how)
  • Face wash:
    Oh boy – this was a big one before… Only 2 of them are in the picture. The rest have been thrown out.
    I had all kinds of different products. Scrubs, toners, washes – you name it! Trouble is, I used it maybe once every 2-3 months. I hated it!
    Now I use a mixture of almond oil and grape seed oil with a wash cloth and hot water. (Here is how)
    It keeps my skin clean, soft, moisturized and reduces breakouts so fast. It actually feels so nice, that I do it almost every day now! Almost… I am not perfect (yet… 😉 )
  • Moisturizer: 
    I had one for my eye area and one for the face.
    I have none now – the coconut oil I use to remove make-up takes care of the eye area, and the oil blend I use to clean my face takes care of the rest.
  • Foundation, concealer and powder: 
    I am not the best to ask about substitutions here…
    I had several of each before and I simply stopped using them..
    I have never really liked the feeling of foundation all over my face.
    I have bought a Lush foundation, but I must admit I don’t really like it so I use it as a eye shadow base now..
    I would like to find a foundation for those special days when I would like my skin to look amazing.
    So far I live without though, and that is fine.
    I do have a bit of bronzer from Nilens Jord. I had it before as well so nothing new there.
  • Eye shadow base:
    As mentioned I now use my Lush foundation as a base for my eye shadows. Before I had a real fancy Estée Lauder one. Lush works better  for me…
  • Eye shadows:
    Oh boy! I had 32 eye shadows in the before picture – most of them in small palettes with 4 colours – because I gave a lot away when I last moved. I have got to admit there was many more!
    Now I have 2 palettes – 12 shades in total. I have one from Lotus Cosmetics and one from Nilens Jord and I love them! They are so pretty.
    (I reviewed them right here on the blog: Lotus Cosmetics & Nilens Jord)
  • Eye liner: 
    I had 7 eye liners before… 1 was brown. The rest was black! That is how imaginative I am.
    Now I have 1 from Lavera- it is dark brown and made from bees-wax.
    It is very creamy and nice to apply, but it doesn’t last as long as the conventional eye liners did. Maybe I will find a better one some day.
  • Mascara: 
    Not much happened here – I had one with chemicals; now I have one without! They were both black and pretty standard.
  • Lips: 
    I would use a bit of lipstick before – but now I know better.
    I have replaced it with a lip scrub, lip balm and lip taint from Lush.



That was it – all the replacements I have made so far.
I will keep replacing my beauty products with organic products and try to go for the most sustainable solutions when possible.

I hope this helped those readers who asked me to do the post and I also hope it can help the rest of you. <3 

Thank you so much for reading along. 
I would love to hear some of your tips on chemical free make-up and beauty products!
Or what you did with the stuff you got rid of? I am still debating on what to do.

AK <3 

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  • That a heck of a change! I admire your decision to reduce and go zero waste! Since the annual Zero Waste Week I do my best to reduce and reuse all my things and probably toiletries is the next big step. Greetings!

    • I has been a big change for sure! Still much more to do and change around the house, but getting started is the first big step! 🙂 Congratulations on your own change towards Zero Waste! That is wonderful! All the best to you. AK

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