Clean eyes and coconuts…


Today’s post is just a quick post on how I remove my make-up now that I have thrown all of my non-natural, hormonally disruptive make-up and toiletries out. And I can only conclude that this is much easier and feels better.

How to…

Right – so here it is… I just use coconut oil.. That is it! There is nothing more to it!

Well okay, since I am writing a post about it, there is a bit more information that I can give you…

For starters here is my routine:

  • I put my hair up and way from my face
  • Then I take a bit of coconut oil out on my fingers (it can be soft or melted… It doesn’t really matter as it is going to melt in your fingers)
  • I close my eyes, and then just rub the oil on my eyes letting it remove the make-up.
  • I use a wash cloth with warm water to remove the oil and make-up smudge from my eyes… But cotton pads or the likes would work fine too.

I buy an organic coconut oil in a super marked near me… I buy the organic oil to make sure to get as few toxins on my skin and in my body as possible. You can get some with and without the coconut taste/smell – that really depends on your preferences.

Coconut – everybody is talking about it!

So why coconut?

Well first of all coconut is classified as one of the few superfoods – so naturally it is to be loved!

Now I know this post is not about eating the coconut oil, but the fact that it is a superfood derives from its many many health benefits. In connection to using it on the eyes/skin as a make-up remover it is noteworthy that coconut has anti-bacterial properties.

That is right!

It contains a type of fatty acids – called lauric acids – and these have been shown to kill bacteria and even some types of yeast!
This means that coconut oil can help to prevent infections – which is a wonderful property in a make-up remover.

Studies have also shown that coconut oil can improve the moisture and the lipid content of the skin, as well as blocking out about 20% the sun’s ultraviolet rays. So not only are you removing your make-up, you are also moisturizing and applying a mild form of sunscreen to your eyes/face – again, these are amazing and wonderful properties.

Before when I did all that to my skin, I was using a make-up remover, a moisturizer and if the moisturizer didn’t have sunscreen then sometimes I would even apply that as well to protect the sensitive skin around the eyes.  All of those things contained chemicals that entered my body through me skin and found ways into my blood and my cells.
I love knowing that that is no longer the case!


So there it is – my new routine for removing make-up and making sure to take care of the skin around my eyes.
As mentioned above, I find it so much easier than before, and I get it done – I can feel that it is good for me which makes me want to do it and not skip it as I was really prone to doing before.

Feel free to leave some of your beauty tips down below – maybe you have some other great uses for coconut oil… I for one find myself using it all the time!




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