Recipe: Chicken with mashed butternut squash, silverbeet and marinated onion & zucchini salad


Chicken w. mashed butternut squash, silverbeets and marinated onion & zucchini salad

Just ate a delicious meal and I just had to share the recipe with you all. I’ll get right to it.
(And yes – it is PCOS friendly!)

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Happy Holidays! 2015

Happy holidays From

I hope you are all enjoying December; filling each others lives with happiness and taking good care of yourself.
Here is this years Christmas letter from Essential Take On Life, my husband and myself – with all of our love to you.

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Review: Myo-Inositol & Folic Acid from Viridian Nutrition

myo-inositol & folic acid, PCOS, review,

Viridian Nutrition recently came out with a new product – “Myo-inositol & Folic acid” – being the first UK brand to launch an inositol product.
Several studies have found inositol to be beneficial in treating and dealing with PCOS and its symptoms – effecting restoration of hormone balance, ovulation, metabolic health and fertility.
I have now been using “Myo-inositol & Folic acid” for a month and this is my review of the product.

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Blog Planner 2016 – Free Printable

cover blog planner 2016

The new year is approaching and my old calendar is running out of pages.
I love calendars and planners – maybe a bit much… But when you are running a blog, a good planner is key to keeping up with everything. So I made one – and thought I would share it with you.
One of my goals for 2016 is to work out a better social media strategy – what do you want to work on?

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We are going on our honeymoon <3

Honeymoon (1)


Sunday the 5th of July we are taking off – heading to B.C., Canada on our honeymoon.
We are so excited!!

The plan is to go on a “small” road trip…. (Read: Huge – for us anyways.. Denmark is a small country 😉 )
We will be visiting friends and family; going on bear- and whale tours; enjoying the beautiful nature (that is so different from here in DK) and of course creating some great memories as newly weds. <3

Since we are out and about – if anyone feels like meeting up somewhere in B.C., feel free to comment down below or on social media. That way we can try to figure something out. 🙂
We will be in Houston, B.C. from the 6th to the 9th of July….
As we move on to the next cities I will keep you posted in the comments and on Facebook and Instagram.
(We plan on going to Grand Forks, Prince George, Prince Rupert and Smithers too)